Tommaso Fiore was born tall and broad — and also with a fine head of hair, although to look at him today you wouldn’t think so. Growing up in his own shadow, Tommaso spent his childhood sitting in the back of the room, so that his classmates could see what was going on up at the front. This uncommon perspective may be what has made him such an attentive and scrupulous observer.

During his teenage years Tommaso eschewed basketball — for which he seemed ordained by nature — in favour of the quiet pleasures of archery, but he soon realized that would be better for him to seek out his carrier in another field. To this day he can barely tell a football from a rugby one.
He became an industrial technician, despite the fact that the only cables he really knows how to handle are guitar strings. Tommaso received his diploma from a musical conservatory twenty years ago and has kept himself busy with music, teaching, singing and listening (often simultaneously) ever since.

An ardent lover of choral music, he has for some time been the director of his very own choir. Tommaso maintains that he knows how to cook, maintains that he makes the best focaccia in Bologna, and insists that he doesn’t lie.

He has finally stopped talking about the countryside, because taking over the running of his father’s lands has left him out of breath. Transforming those olives into the oil of infiore has been his dream for as long as he can remember. And now he’s done it.

About Him

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