Angela Fiore


Angela Fiore bears the name of her grandmother, is the only woman in an exclusively male family and grew up in a house with no television.
It was perhaps this that made her into such an avid reader: in childhood she was already a voracious reader; by adolescence she had become a compulsive one. But at fourteen years of age she was left thunderstruck by a Peter Greenway film and decided that cinema could offer an alternative to literature.
Growing up, Angela’s passion for studying was inversely proportional to her passion for sport, but after discovering the liberating power of running she got up on her feet and nothing could stop her. Or so it seemed, until a torn meniscus managed to do the job.
At unviersity Angela signed up to study Arts, then moved on to Languages, all the while doing her best to gain admission to the School of Cinema as an editor. She never manages to bring anything to fruition unless she’s trying to get at least one other thing done at the same time. It all seems rather chaotic, but they tell her it’s called “multi-tasking”, and she’s decided that she rather enjoys it

While working in art galleries she took her first steps as an educator, and then taught herself how to make chocolate.

She returns to Pulgia, where her family’s lands are, every time she gets the chance. Angela set herself on the path to becoming a professional olive oil taster and then decided to dedicate herself to making infiore into a first-rate product, together with her brother. Now it’s not longer just a dream.

About her

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