Our favorite thing about summer is tomatoes.

It may sound like a joke but we’ve never been as serious as we are now.

It is something that belongs to our memories, it’s our summer leitmotiv, or as we call it, fil rouge, being rouge/red the keyword here.

Preparing sun-dried tomatoes and tomato sauce was a family affair. Everyone was involved in the process: mums, dads, grannies, aunties, kids, and it could took whole weeks.

Now things work quite differently. But, in the last three years, we’ve asked our mother, the great mother, to recover tradition and needless to say, she’s been very happy.


Tomatoes, of course, nor too big neither too little, the Roma tomato will fit perfectly.
Garlic, mint, vinegar, chili pepper (optional), extra virgin olive oil, salt.


First step: wash, dry and cut the tomatoes in half, lenghtwise. Arrange them, with the cut surface up and a pinch of salt on each half, in a sunny area. They can take from four to five days to properly dry. At night, remember to take them in as humidity levels tend to rise. They are completely sundried when they have a leathery texture and are not sticky.

Second step: wash the tomatoes, one by one, in a mixture of water and vinegar (50% + 50%), arrange them in a bowl and cover them with vinegar for one hour and a half, until they get softer. Then drain off the excess vinegar.

Third step: in a wide mouth mason jar, accurately sterilized, begin layering, following this order: layer of tomatoes, a pinch of salt, garlic, mint, chili pepper. Repeat the above layering process until you’re nearly at the top of the jar. Compress the ingredients and fill the jar with EVOO until the tomatoes are completely submerged.

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