No doubt, reconciling our tastes in matter of food is going to prove quite a challenge. Eggplants do.

We do love them, we could even eat them raw, or in a salad.

I don’t remember I was so fond of them as a child. I’d rather say, I wasn’t fond of any vegetables at that time, being tomatoes the only ones I ate, the only ones to smell good. It was great to touch their plants and leaves when in the garden, my hands smelt nice afterwards.

But you know, in time, food preferences change, or evolve if you prefer.

The beginning of the summer is thus greeted with a frying pan ready to welcome the eggplants’ slices for a parmigiana.

This summer, maybe for the first time in the story of our family, we have decided to go off the grid, uh, and to experiment something new with eggplants. We have bravely tested a brand new filling for the no longer traditional stuffed eggplants.

We were inspired by an Italian foodblogger, her name’s Manuela, her alias is Con Le Mani In Pasta, ( as we couldn’t do it all alone, we couldn’t stretch our imagination so far.

Here’s what we’ve done. (It serves 4)

You need 2 eggplants, 4 garlic cloves, 2 plum tomatoes, a pinch of salt and some very good extra virgin olive oil. Cut them in half lengthwise. Don’t scoop out the center but cut it diagonally, to the left first and to the right then. Season and place the halves in a baking tray with some extra virgin olive oil, the 4 garlic cloves and the chopped tomatoes. Bake for 50 minutes at 180C.

In the meanwhile prepare a hummus-like cream. Put 200 g of chickpeas, 3 tbs of yoghurt, 1 tsp of tahini, the juice of a half lemon, 4 mint leaves and some pepper in the food processor and begin to process.

When the eggplant are tender, remove them from the oven, scoop the meat out and add it to the chickpeas cream. If you like, you can also add two baked garlic cloves. Turn the food processor on again and slowly pour in as much extra virgin olive oil as to obtain a smooth and fully combined mixture.

Fill the eggplants’ skins with the cream, drizzle with some more extra virgin olive oil, sprinkle with mint and chopped tomatoes and serve lukewarm.

Now, I was really happy with them but the Great Mother’s opinion was the real litmus test for me. So, what a surprise when she, who is not very keen on changes, had to admit how excellent they are. So gooood! So yeah!

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