Coming Home
This oil represents our coming home, to Puglia, after many years spent far from here. The change was not the result of a hasty decision.
It was in the air. We had been talking about doing it for quite a while. And by last spring it has simply become something we had to do. The time was ripe and we were ready.
Without further hesitation, we decided to take over the running of the olive orchards inherited from our father, and to produce an olive oil that we would be proud of.

With one of us in Bologna and the other in Livorno, we began a course of study focusing on the most up to date techniques for olive cultivation, production and transformation and Angela began the process of qualifying as a professional olive oil taster. We come from a farming family, but are not ourselves farmers.
We have a history and a tradition of olive oil production, but we are also at ease with innovation. We want to put who we are into what we do, and to love what we do.



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